Music speaks the language of the soul

Unified, unidentified, those parts that call forth the best of what we are as humans. A lineage of sound building from an ancestery of notes working toward a mystery.

Music calls us to march. It calls us to sing. It calls us in our darkest hours to never give up. It calls us to come together and love. From spirituals that ask us to hold on to humanity even if none seems apparent, to the nighclubs that tell us to dance without limits. The smokey concert halls that jazz us orange or the dives that whiskey our blues to the dubstep stomp that bass us vibration brown. Music ignites the fire that reminds us that we are better than way may seem.

Music and hope and even despair - all of it reminding us that we are. Simply. Beautifully. Transcendant. Put the needle down and let it turn, tap that button and digital drown. Whatever your media - go listen to some music and revel in the fact that it even exists.

Yeah, that's right. Holy shit - it's music.

Where the hell did we go wrong?

Tired of one-ways?

Under the best of circumstances, a one-way will guarantee that you get off, but it tends to get boring. You know the old saying, "I never saw a diet coke in the hand of an action man." (christian fitness) That statement may make no sense to you, but you'd never have heard of it all if you hadn't bothered to read all the way to this point. You're searching for something new, something more than diet pop... maybe poppers. Maybe an orange juice.

Stick with us and we'll disappoint you forever, but we'll also have some new music recommendations.


We wear them. We throw them in a corner. They're on beaches, front porches, under couches, inside bags, hanging off electrical wires, killing spiders, stepping in dogshit, and sometimes they get to go dancing. Yes, shoes are all over the place. But these shoes shoes right here, they became synonymous with a movement. Punk rock. They come in all colors and you know they're great for drawing on. The point? Stop taking them for granted. Dig out a pair of shoes that go with the music that changed your life. Really re-dig that experience. More later. I have to get out my platforms.


Scary, right? Imagine yourself standing at the mouth of this walkway.... Do you venture onward or turn back and take the longer way around?  Alleys are a direct hit for avoiding one-ways and can shave off some significant time. You can also get brutally beaten and/or killed in an alley. Meh. I have spent my share of time in alleys. Point is that you can look at new music like an alley. You can swallow your fears and traipse through like it's your bedroom or you can take the long way round only to find the store closed because of the extra 10 minutes you took to arrive. We like alleys and new music. We also like dive bars, gas station convenience shopping and truck stop eateries. You decide.